World's best fungicide powered by Proven Amistar® Technology.

In sugarcane, Amistar Top helps in retaining high cane yield with reducted cane mortality.

amistar top

Protection your sugarcane crop needs.

Amistar top is world’s leading fungicide powered with Amistar technology having effective broad spectrum control. 

Amistar Top is a broad spectrum and long duration control fungicide which covers broad range of diseases like yellow rust, powdery mildew, late blight, sheath blight, downey mildew , leaf spots, grey mildews, red rot etc… in crops like Cotton, Rice, Sugarcane & Vegetables.

in sugarcane

how does it benefit?

Long duration and broad spectrum control of diseases

Greener and cleaner sugarcane crop

Reduced cane mortality and better cane girth and height

High quality of cane yield and higher returns​

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